Advanced Measurement Machines Provides Sales, Service, consultation and training for MicroVu Vision Measuring Machines, Renishaw Equator & Probing accessories, Tools and Gaging.

MicroVu Multi-sensor Measurement Machines are built in Windsor, California. These machines have the finest workmanship backed with 52 years of MicroVu experience supported with the MicroVu proprietary InSpec Metrology software.

Renishaw Equator brings new alternative to high speed measuring. The Equator can rapidly scan parts to a 3D CAD model. It is especially handy when a batch of parts has to measured for accuracy and record keeping. We also carry a full range of Renishaw CMM probing and accessories.

Discount Tools & Gage brings you a wide spectrum of precision hand tools and gages.Trimos, Bowers, Sylvac, Mitutoyo and Fowler.


Advanced Measurement Machines offers full technical and customer support for installation, calibration, training, repair or programming.

Sol by MicroVu
Micro-Vu's new Sol Measurement System provides a versatile solution for precision part inspection. The Sol significantly reduces inspection times and increases inspection capabilities. The Sol replaces the popular Vector machine.
Vertex by MicroVu
The Vertex Measuring Center is a high precision solution for smaller parts. Designed with the future in mind, the Vertex has a compact design, machine-side electronics, and an external computer. These features provide for high reliability, simple USB setup, and easy computer upgrades.
Excel by MicroVu
The Excel Measuring Centers are high precision measurement solutions for large parts. Complete with InSpec Metrology Software, programmable zoom lens, and servo motion control, the Excel machines measure parts up to 2.5 meters (over 8 feet).
Spectra by MicroVu
Micro-Vu's Spectra Optical Comparator is an affordable precision comparator. Bright images and interchangable lenses make the system versatile and easy to use.
Renishaw Equator
The new Renishaw Equator is a versatile alternative to custom gauging, offering inspection of an unprecedented variety of manufactured parts. It has been developed and proven on the shop-floor in collaboration with industry-leading companies in multiple industries and applications

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